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About Us

I grew up with very bad eczema which was very visible on every part of my body. My mum told me when I was 2 years old I would always cry due to the discomfort of my eczema. As I grew a few years older, having plasters on my hands was a daily routine and I always did my best to hide my condition. 

I visited many doctors and tried lots of medication, some worked for a short period of time, some didn’t have any affect at all. I even travelled to HK where my parents are from and was getting the same unfortunate results.


What I did find which consistently helped me was having a healthy lifestyle. I had many allergies which would irritate my eczema during my sleep. To my surprise, the best medication for me was found in the kitchen. Having  a controlled whole food diet had the most success. 

My parents made me countless of Chinese herbal soups and meals made from simple natural ingredients. My skin had an incredible positive impact from a natural food based diet. 

When I was working in my parent’s restaurant, which has been established since 1990, a long serving customer of over 10 years had walked through the entrance for the first time in 6 months. I asked him where he had been to which he replied that he hadn’t came to the Chinese restaurant because he “wanted to be good”. I explained Chinese good can be good.

Based on my parent’s Chinese restaurant’s recipe of over 30 years, I developed a plant-based, gluten free Sweet Chilli sauce for the restaurant menu. Many customers loved it so this inspired me to make the Sweet and Sour sauce.

During lockdown 3.0 in December 2020, Tsang (pronounced "sang") Sauce was launched through the website so more people can love eating good Asian foods like I do.

Vincent Tsang