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Vegan Pineapple Fried Rice


Quick and easy recipe to make pineapple fried rice.

Jars of Tsang Sauce can be purchased online and delivered straight to your door

Makes for 2 people


200g rice (dry weight)
200g tofu (firm)
160g pineapple
1/2 teaspoon pepper
40g peas
teaspoon sugar
20g soy sauce (I used gluten free)
2 tablespoon vegetable oil
2/3 turmeric
2/3 black salt (kala namak)
1 jar Tsang Sweet Chili sauce

Prepare the rice

Use boiled rice cooked from the night before so the rice is dry

Prepare the tofu

Dry the tofu by wrapping it around with some kitchen roll and squeeze the water out. Set aside

Cook the meal

  1. Add the oil into the wok and heat it up
  2. Add the peas 
  3. Tear small chucks of tofu and add this to the wok
  4. Add turmeric (to give the tofu the yellow colour)
  5. Add black salt (to give the eggy smell)
  6. Stir it altogether until the tofu are all yellow
  7. Loosen up the boiled rice and add this to the wok
  8. Add in pepper, sugar and soy sauce
  9. Add pineapple 
  10. Stir it altogether

Cook the sauce

  1. Get your Tsang Sweet Chilli Sauce
  2. Heat some sauce in a saucepan
  3. Pour over the fried rice

Enjoy your meal for 2 with some sweet chilli sauce by Tsang Sauce.