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Vietnamese Spring Rolls

5 Vietnamese Spring rolls served on a blue plate with gluten free sweet chilli sauce

Nice healthy recipe using gluten free Chinese sweet chilli sauce with the added bonus of no oil being involved.

So easy and quick.

Ideal for a light bite in the sun ☀️

Makes 10 spring rolls


1 block of vermicelli rice noodles (about 133g)
10 sheets of rice paper
80g carrot sticks
100g red peppers
80g red cabbage
1 Tsang Sweet Chilli sauce


Prepare the noodles

1. Put the noodles in a saucepan
2. Pour some boiling water in
3. Wait until the noodles have gone soft
4. Drain the noodles and pour some cold water over it
5. Set this aside

Get rolling:

1. Put some room temperature water in a frying pan (don’t need to turn the hob on)
2. Put 1 rice paper lying flat in the frying pan for 1 second
3. Remove the rice paper from the frying pan and place it flat on a plate. Rice paper should be a bit firm. It will soften in a minute.
4. Put the noodles, vegetables and Tsang Sweet Chilli sauce together on the rice paper
5. Fold the rice paper up
6. Then fold the rice paper from the right hand side inwards
7. Then fold the rice paper from the left hand side inwards
8. Roll up to complete your spring roll