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Chocolate Spring Rolls

1 chocolate spring roll served on a blue plate with a gluten free sweet chilli dip
Quick and easy recipe for making chocolate spring rolls


Makes 2 spring rolls.


4 rice paper
8 chocolate balls (I used Lindor chocolates)
Tsang Sweet Chilli Sauce (optional)


Prepare the rice paper

  1. Pour some room temperate water into a saucepan
  2. Place 1 sheet of rice paper into the water to soften (for about 10 seconds)

Get rolling

  1. Place the rice paper flat onto a plate
  2. Place 4 chocolate balls in the centre of the rice paper
  3. Roll the bottom of the rice paper up to cover the chocolates 
  4. Then fold in the left side of the rice paper
  5. Then fold in the right side of the rice paper
  6. Then roll all the way up

Prepare second rice paper

Get the second rice paper and place it in the of the saucepan to soften

Get rolling again

  1. Place this second rice paper on a plate 
  2. Place the spring roll you have just rolled in the centre of the second rice paper
  3. Roll up to cover the spring roll
  4. Fold in the left side
  5. Fold in the right side
  6. Roll up 

Make the second spring roll

Do the above all again to make the second spring roll

Air fryer

Place the springs rolls in a baking tray
Spray oil completely over the spring rolls
Place into an air fryer at 200 degrees for 5 minutes

Tsang Sauce

Use Tsang Sweet Chilli Sauce as a dip (optional)